Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Video Games Againnnnnnnn?

Yes. Shut up. Video Games rule.


What is this bizarre thing that I am referring to? Quite possibly an awesome video game, and according to this lengthy post "the Most Important Science Fiction Universe of Our Generation". I know. That's some crazy hype and shit.

Also, if you don't actually want to know anything, just skip to the end of this post. It's worth it. Trust me.

But anyways, this series is a HUUUUUUGE block-buster series, and for good reason. It's an awesome RPG/Third-Person Shooter series that has been continually improved over time. It play's amazingly (though the first one's interface left much to be desired, as a link in the previous post mentioned), the story is awesome, and to be honest it is one of the prettiest games out there. I kid you not, some of the back-drops in just the second game blew my freaking mind.

What else does this game series have going for it? How about the ability to truly create your own character? Male or Female, Ethnicity, Sexual Orientation, Good Person or Asshole... All of these choices are available to you, and while they may not change 100% your interactions with others, they can change your experience. It's a game that lets you create a character that is, for the most part, truly who you want it to be. I mean, you'll always wind up killing things, but that's not the point.

Another groundbreaking aspect of these games is the way they work. Choices you make in the first game transfer to the next, and same with the second game. It all winds up affecting your overall experience, as the stories don't just tell the story of Commander Shepard, but of YOUR Commander Shepard. Tons of different variables of what your Shepard is like, and what they did, transfer from one game to the next. This is actually incredibly cool, and also groundbreaking.

Finally, one other major aspect leading to it's amazingness are the characters. The way this game works is you have "squadmates" who you take with you on missions. While some of these squadmates are human, most of them are actually aliens. While in some respects scientifically improbable, this does not matter because the alien characters are soooooo much better than the humans. How so? The two top fan love interests for male and female Commander Shepards are Tali and Garrus respectively. Neither of these two are human.

Pictured: Tali (Not Human, Still Awesome)

Pictured: Garrus (Also Not Human, Still FUCKINGAMAZINGLYCOOL)

These two aren't just loved because you can make sexytimes with them (yes you can, shut up you stupid xenophobes). The aliens in these games wind up being much more well written and interesting characters than the humans. Many of the humans are very drab in comparison to the godliness of beings such as Tali, Garrus and more.

Speaking of humans, lets get back to Commander Shepard, and fans. Much like many games in our male-dominant society, originally all of the promotional stuff for the Mass Effect games was a male, despite the ability to choose between male or female in game. Despite this, the overall fan-base agrees in enormous proportions that Fem-Shep (female Shepard) is significantly better, as her voice actor does a much better job than her male counterpart. The fan love for Fem-Shep was so substantial that the company actually made a Fem-Shep trailer for Mass Effect 3, despite the fact that they had not done so before. So yeah. Fans love Fem-Shep.

Finally, lets get to the best stuff, the fans. Seriously, all sorts of stuff has been done to profess love for Mass Effect. There are a number of online memes based off of it, somewhat decently compiled here.

That being said, ya'll are probably sick of reading. So I will show something else off instead. Fan-made music. It's amazing. The first one is by far the best though, so feel free to listen to that alone.

Here we have a brilliant 80's vibe, showing off his amazingness.

Here is a british fellow rapping, telling us the story of the game. Also pretty sweet.

This isn't fan-made. This is in game. One of the characters sings a brief piece. You know you're jealous.

Anyways, there is Mass Effect 3 to be played!!!!!

I should go.