Saturday, January 28, 2012


Hey people!

You may be hoping this post to be about a variety of things. It could be about Mew, the Pokemon, and how Sic it is. It could be about the music of Pokemon. It could be about cats, and music. It could be about cats playing music. It could be about a cat playing music for other cats. The possibilities are ENDLESS!

In some respects, it is all of those. And by all of those, I mean none of those. This is just a post about music.
Though of course I wasn't going to turn psychedelic Mew down.
So, the timing of this post is mainly because my favorite band just released a new single, and that made me so freakishly hyper and excited that I felt the need to make a blog post, and share it with you!

You may or may not deduce from that video that the band's name is Islands. That is their new single. From their new album A Sleep & A Forgetting, coming out on Valentine's Day (also coming out Valentine's Day? Mass Effect 3 demo!). Basically, despite my being aloooooooone on Valentine's Day, I will be very satisfied.

Anyways, so as part of the release of A Sleep & A Forgetting, Islands is going on tour. Typically, they are just up in Canada for most of the time, so when I heard this I rushed to find out where they were going. So I go to the website, and there I see it. THEY ARE COMING TO THE TWIN CITIES AS:LKFJS:DLKJF:LKJSD!!!!!... was my initial reaction. Then, I saw that the concert was $10, and start flipping out some more, because I like to spend my money on stuff like video games, not concerts. I was soooooooooo crazy duper excited that I freaked out about it all over Facebook... Only to have someone say to me "It's an 18+ show". I am 17. Islands comes to the Twin Cities in March. I turn 18 in April. I want to cry...

Nevertheless, their music is fantastic, and I suggest you buy it, then listen to it, they buy it again BECAUSE I LOVE THEM SO MUUUUUUUUUUUUUUCHHHHHHHHHHHHHH.

Okay? Good.

Farewell until next time my faithful readers!

P.S. I am instead planning/hoping to spend that $10, plus an additional $30-some, going to see Florence + the Machine with my best friend. Worth it? Yes. A butt-load more money than I would otherwise want to spend? Also yes.

Thursday, January 19, 2012


So were back here again...

Before we get started, let me just point out that the above "Hrmblgrumblegrumble" is NOT a negative one! Its my second post, there is no way I am going to lay my stresses all over you yet!

Anyways, over the past week or so that has passed, I have had like, an almost in-contabulatable number of ideas to post about, but in that time I have also had a number realizations that you may not actually care about what I have to say. I have come to the perfect solution...

Following this post, in a manner that is actually rather intuitive as it is, I will be titling my posts something that has to do with the actual content. Why am I doing this you ask? Basically, its in case I post something like "OMG GOAT-KOALA LOVE CONQUERS ALL", you go there expecting some hot interspecies lovin', rather than me raving about my favorite video game... Unless that game happens to be about exciting interspecies relationships...

In case you haven't noticed, I really like linking stuff. I hope you open it, its some fantastic stuff. Anyways, now that I've started telling you stuff I like, I'm going to tell you more stuff I like!

  • Awful Sci-Fi: Ever since I was young, I have been watching old cheesy sci-fi movies, and frankly I love em. That feeling you get when you see something that is so bad that it is good is nigh unbeatable(not true actually. I like the word nigh though.) A perfect combination of bad old movies and making fun of them is Mystery Science Theatre 3000 (MST3K for you savvy few!) In fact, the very first time I hung out with one of my best friends, we just headed on over to my house and watched one of the greatest MST3Ks I have ever seen. It was amazing.
LASERBLAST! You can find the full MST3K version here!
  • Video Games: In case you may not know, I love playing video games. Admittedly, some I prefer over others, but I am a firm believer in the artistic power of video games. Also, they are crap-loads of fun. Some, like one of my personal favorites Borderlands, combine some of my most favoritest aspects ever. Expect some later post or more of me raving about this game. I have spent way too much time playing it.
I still don't know how to caption videos, but this video is one the creators of Borderlands made for one of their fans. Crude yet hilarious!
  • Scarves: Scarves. I love scarves. This is a relatively recent obsession, but my oh my do I love scarves. Recently for Christmas, that terrible consumerist holiday that I absolutely adore, I got two scarves, and I jump at the opportunities to wear them. Fashionable, soft and warm? Incredible! If I had the camera, and the photogenicosity, this blog could possibly consist entirely of me wearing my scarves, and not necessarily even with different outfits. Though on the topic of outfits, I also really like sweaters, and I got one for Christmas that matches one of my scarves PERFECTLY, and it was a complete coincidence!
  • Carrots: Seriously. I have been known to give monologues about the different ways to eat carrots, both full sized and baby (full sized are sooooo much better). I have also been known to bring full bags of full sized carrots to school, and pull them out during class. They are a comfort food of mine, don't judge!
Okay, I will probably have to continue these sorts of things at some later date, because I am unfortunately a student at a school that likes giving out homework. I am forcing myself short here.

Anyways, sorry if my blog is getting listy, this is only the second post so I'll work on different sorts of structures later! Also, if people do want to see me post about something, let me know, because I am not sure how much people want to hear me talk about some of my stuff. Not to say I won't post my stuff. I will. Your suggestions will just be cream spacing out my Oreo cookie posts!

Later people!

P.S. You guys should click on my links! I promise that they will usually be pretty great!

Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Get to know me!

Well hey there folks!

This blog shall be a blog of my thoughts, as if you couldn't get enough of random people's thoughts. Never fear however! I promise mine will be slightly interesting, if not engaging enough to make you abandon your pets, desperately refreshing the page for every new post.

On this blog, pictures will occasionally be posted. These pictures will be helpful to all you, except those who are blind, though I doubt pictures would be the least of your worries on this blog should you just happen to be blind.

But I digress! My name is Ben, I am 17 years old, and to get you readers to know me, I think I will begin this blog by sharing a few of the hopes for the future I have had at some point or another.

  • When I was younger, I had bizarrely morbid thoughts about my own death. Anyone else? No? Oh well. Anyways, way back when I was like, 5 or 6 years old, I had an ideal way to die once I was older. Have I mentioned I was a strange child? My dream death was to, at an old, old age, die from an overdose of chloroform. In my young head, it seemed like the best way to go. I would have lived a long life, and it would be just like falling asleep!

  • When I was the tender age of young, I also happened to be a dinosaur expert. Admittedly, almost every single child is a dinosaur expert at one point another, just because dinosaurs are the shit, but way back then I lived and breathed dinosaurs. Unfortunately I did not eat them as well, as my parents found dinosaur shaped frozen chicken nuggets disgusting, but overall I was quite the dinosaur person. There was this one chain Greek restaurant, Dino's, and while they still exist, they used to have this dinosaur focus for kids, which always seemed strange to me, because really, dinosaurs and Greek food have little to nothing in common. Now that they have moved past that stage though, I kind of miss those plastic dinosaur cups. Anyways, long story short, dinosaurs had me totally sold on Paleontology, a word which my 6 year old self could in fact pronounce. Unfortunately, that dream diminished over the years.

Me as a child, but female... (Sorry about the awkward embedding, I'm new at this!)

  • This skips way forward into one of my relatively consistent dreams for the past few years. I love seeing strange facial hair. The other day I spent over an hour looking at the best in the world. Unfortunately, at the moment I am unable to grow anything anywhere near as magnificent. Instead, my dream is to have an incredibly array of disguises at my disposal. I mean serious shit here too. I want fake mustaches, fake beards, fake glasses, wigs, fake facial features, maybe even some makeup? This must seem creepy, and I honestly have no clue why I want this stuff. But I do.

You can hardly tell its me...

  • Upon retrospect, this dream seems very, very suspicious when combined with that last one, but at some point in my life, I want a legit set of lock-picks. Not for any particular purpose mind you, but just as a sort of puzzle to do in my free time. Although really, it would definitely help if I were locked out of anywhere...

Anyways, those have been a few of my life's goals throughout the years. Nothing special, and I really have quite a few more, but really, who hasn't wanted to be a kick-ass harmonica player at some point or another in their life?

Sorry for the long first post, but I figured you might as well know about me! If you have read this far, you are my new favorite person ever!

Ill post more shortly! Ta ta for now!

Ben I.

P.S. That Rainbow Dash image is merely for lack of a better recent image. I enjoy the MLP:FiM show, not the internet culture around it.