Saturday, January 28, 2012


Hey people!

You may be hoping this post to be about a variety of things. It could be about Mew, the Pokemon, and how Sic it is. It could be about the music of Pokemon. It could be about cats, and music. It could be about cats playing music. It could be about a cat playing music for other cats. The possibilities are ENDLESS!

In some respects, it is all of those. And by all of those, I mean none of those. This is just a post about music.
Though of course I wasn't going to turn psychedelic Mew down.
So, the timing of this post is mainly because my favorite band just released a new single, and that made me so freakishly hyper and excited that I felt the need to make a blog post, and share it with you!

You may or may not deduce from that video that the band's name is Islands. That is their new single. From their new album A Sleep & A Forgetting, coming out on Valentine's Day (also coming out Valentine's Day? Mass Effect 3 demo!). Basically, despite my being aloooooooone on Valentine's Day, I will be very satisfied.

Anyways, so as part of the release of A Sleep & A Forgetting, Islands is going on tour. Typically, they are just up in Canada for most of the time, so when I heard this I rushed to find out where they were going. So I go to the website, and there I see it. THEY ARE COMING TO THE TWIN CITIES AS:LKFJS:DLKJF:LKJSD!!!!!... was my initial reaction. Then, I saw that the concert was $10, and start flipping out some more, because I like to spend my money on stuff like video games, not concerts. I was soooooooooo crazy duper excited that I freaked out about it all over Facebook... Only to have someone say to me "It's an 18+ show". I am 17. Islands comes to the Twin Cities in March. I turn 18 in April. I want to cry...

Nevertheless, their music is fantastic, and I suggest you buy it, then listen to it, they buy it again BECAUSE I LOVE THEM SO MUUUUUUUUUUUUUUCHHHHHHHHHHHHHH.

Okay? Good.

Farewell until next time my faithful readers!

P.S. I am instead planning/hoping to spend that $10, plus an additional $30-some, going to see Florence + the Machine with my best friend. Worth it? Yes. A butt-load more money than I would otherwise want to spend? Also yes.

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