Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Some Nights

Okay, so this post is totally going to be about music.

You know how like, last post, I was all "OMG NEW ISLANDS SINGLE!!!!!"? Well that album came out this week, and is one of the few albums I actually own! I pre-ordered it and it came with a sweet card signed by the lead singer! If I had a camera, I would post some pictures of it, because it's actually pretty funny.

That being said, in less than a week, another of my favorite bands is releasing a new album! It's fantastic, though admittedly I may not buy it, if only due to lack of cash moneys. Anyways, the band is called Fun. and the album, Some Nights, is their second one.

Now, I absolutely LOVED the first album, called Aim and Ignite. The songs on it are incredibly pop-y, and it is one of my most listened to albums, with songs that almost always can cheer me up.

This song, The Gambler, is almost definitely my favorite song on this first album. While I suggest you listen to all of the songs on it, as this one was not initially my favorite, the more I listened to it the more I loved it. I mean, it's cheerful but at the same time full of emotion. I don't really know how to explain it better than that. I just really like this song.

Now, the new album takes a slightly different tone. I mean, it's still good, but the first album had a sort of sincerity in it's music. When hearing it, the songs seem like when heard live they could only sound better.
In the new one, it seems less so, considering LIKE HALF OF THE SONGS HAVE SIGNIFICANT AUTOTUNE USAGE.

That being said, I can't hate them. I actually quite like the new album - not as much as the original, but is good individually. So yes, I do dislike the autotune, but thats just me being a crotchety 17 year old. You should listen to them, and love them anyways.

Also, I realize that I have been a terrible blogger, as to be honest, this is my 4th post within like 6 weeks or something and I'm already running out of ideas. I mean, look at this! The past two have been about music coming out within the next few weeks! ERGH.

But I shall persevere, as I like to think that you people actually enjoy reading these posts.

P.S. Here's a link a Some Nights stream:

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  1. You crotchety fellow. I don't mind autotune when it's used to give the song a certain tone, but on the fun. album it was just gratuitous. I guess it was okay when used sparingly, but on at least one song it was unbearable. It was like they discovered the autotune iphone app and messed around with it for an hour and accidentally put it on their album. I can't hate them either though, and the rest of the album was amazing. Plus Janelle Monae was in a song! Yay!